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100 blocks per day – effective time management

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Tim Urban is a very popular blogger in the West. He writes about science, personal effectiveness and self-development, and he also speaks at TED. His most famous performance is “What Happens in the Head of an Inveterate Procrastinator.” As one of the most inveterate procrastinators, Tim Urban does not despair and develops new techniques that help him spend time wisely. His latest technique, which he called “100 blocks”, is very simple and effective at the same time. Let’s tell you more about it.

Most people sleep seven to eight hours, and the rest of the time — 16-17 hours, or about 1000 minutes — are awake. Let’s divide that 1000 minutes into 100 10-minute blocks. From waking up to going to bed, your entire day will be enclosed in these little 10-minute boxes. So we have a kind of roadmap for our day.

Now let’s ask ourselves a few questions.

Think carefully about what to do you could place in each of these squares? How many squares do you spend on other people, and how much on yourself? How many squares do you spend on creating and creating your own products, and how many on consuming strangers? What blocks did you use to devote them to the development of your body, what to the development of your mind? Which blocks were your favorites and which were not.

Think of these blocks as a grid. If you had to write down an action plan in each, what would you write there? To do this, you have to think carefully. For example, it will take you at least 3 squares to make dinner. At the same time, you can save them if you order dinner at home. At least 10 minutes, i.e. one block, you need to devote to reflection on life or meditation. At least 2 blocks should be spent on reading books, this will give you the opportunity to read 15-20 books per year. Plan your vacation and entertainment. If you love playing video games, then it is worth considering how many blocks you are willing to spend on this leisure. It costs about 10 blocks to go for a walk with friends on a Friday night. Think about what kind of people you are willing to spend these 10 squares on?

Naturally, not all blocks will be filled. Consider which ones will remain empty. What will you be doing during this time?

And, finally, imagine that you have the same 100 blocks on your table, just for yesterday. The question is: what do they have in common and how do they differ? Why?

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