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PCN verification: Why is it important?

Europe might seem like an organized and united place of countries, therefore people might think that it is pretty easy to comply with regulations for these countries and that it is also easy for governments to enforce these regulations. In reality, this is sadly not always true. You have to realize that some countries in Europe are not part of the European Union. Furthermore, BREXIT has thoroughly complicated matters even more because they have also changed their PCN verification. Furthermore, Switzerland has always had a different method of poison center notifications considering that they were never part of the European Union. So if you need a poison center notification for these countries, you’ll be having a bit of a hassle getting everything in order.

Why PCN verification?

This verification is necessary because of the stricter CLP regulation. All companies that work with dangerous or toxic substances are obliged to be transparent and provide information about their recipes to the general public. The people that are responsible for creating these verifications are called duty holders. They are the ones that work day and night to ensure that the information about the mixture is completely correct. If you would like for your company to get a PCN verification, you are required to provide the correct information about the product.

The reasoning for the stricter rules are related to the fact that in the last years there have been many cases of bad chemicals being found in products that were not mentioned on the products label at all. Therefore, governments have been cracking down on companies that are not transparent about their produce by making poison center notifications even more important than they have been before. But due to the fact that there are many different countries with many different rules, this can be sometimes hard to achieve.